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6 Week Program

Class will take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are 2 class options with a total of 4 participants per class.
(must choose 1 option listed below)

  1. Monday 6:30 am, Wednesday 6 am, Friday 6 am
  2. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon
Results are expected! **

Results are expected! **

Class Starts Monday October 17th, 2016!

Secure your spot today!  Only 4 spots per class. Registration will close on October 7th, 2016.

Or email becky@junctionfitnesshub.com for more information

Register early and save $100!

Early bird sign up until September 23rd

After Sept 23rd

Required to have some experience lifting weights. Commitment to comply to program is essential. No more than 2 sessions missed. High level of transparency and must track nutrition for first 2 weeks.
**Expectations - Lose anywhere from 5 to 8% body fat and lose anywhere from 1 to 10 lbs.

Give it a Try! Promo Package


Try our services with this intro package including a consultation and 3 personal training sessions.


  • A one hour consultation and fitness assessment with a highly qualified personal trainer
  • 3 one hour personal training sessions tailored specifically to you