Welcome to Junction Fitness Hub!


We strongly believe that everyone deserves some extra attention when it comes to their health and well-being.  At Junction Fitness Hub we strive to create strong and lasting relationships with all of our clients, our trainers and the community.

We are Exercise Coaches offering one on one training tailored to each individual.  We also offer the next best thing to Personal Coaching which is our TEAM Training classes. Only five participants max in each class which allows us to accommodate different individuals with different needs and still keep it fun and challenging.

Our team is a group of fitness professionals with diverse backgrounds to provide you with the best approach to reach your goals in a challenging but comfortable environment. 

A little added bonus:

Towel service is provided to all clientele


Strength and balance are our key values at the studio. Without strength it is difficult to pick yourself up and without balance life will always feel a little off kilter.



We aim to provide you with passionate, committed and knowledgeable trainers. During our initial consultation we will be better able to understand and help you choose the right trainer for your needs.


Our Commitment:

  • Continuous professional development 

  • Focus on clients' best interests 

  • Dedicated attention to each client’s needs

  • Equilibrium - mind, body and spirit