Team fitness training classes

What Makes Our classes different than the rest?

Our team training classes are small and focused on you!

The next Best thing to Personal Training but for less than 60% of the COst!!

Small class size (5 per class) gives every client the desired attention and instruction needed to succeed and advance in their training, we promise you won't be lost within the crowd. Our trainers will provide that detail necessary to help you achieve your goals! 

Focused training means that every class will have a training purpose, whether it be conditioning, muscle building or simply to release tension. Each class is designed for a specific result.  It is hard to build muscle if you don't lift weights and it can be difficult to relax in a noisy and loud environment. You decide the goal, you choose the class and let us create the environment!

Programming for each class is unique and will change monthly.

You decide your goal, you pick the class and let us create the Environment!


Our Unique Classes

All Classes are 45 Mins


Boxiit is a mix of boxing bag and focus pad work with interval based high intensity movement.

Come get your Boxiit on with us!

J-BURN (all levels)

45 minute Bootcamp style class - station based workout that puts you through a full body blast. Work to rest ratios are constantly changing to keep your body stimulated.


45 min - 60 min class. Unleash your true potential. This team training focuses on everything you need to move efficiently and improve your lifts. Feel the difference with properly executed movements that focus on perfecting technique in the squat, deadlift, pullup and bench press.

J-BUILD (intermediate)

45 minute Strength based class. This class focuses on using proper mechanics to lifting weights. Rep ranges are between 5 to 15 reps depending on the goal of the class.

Get STRONG in this X rated class.

J-GRIND (intermediate)

GRIND is compromised of 35 minutes of intervals that increase in intensity! Starting at a lower intensity to warm the body up and working up to many high intensity intervals. The class will include a 10 minute release at the end, so make those 35 minutes count!

Replace that long and boring cardio with one of these sessions!

One of the major benefits of HIIT training is that using the appropriate work-to-rest intervals can train the body to become efficient at producing energy and train the body to effectively remove metabolic waste from the muscles between the work intervals. It is also a great way to increase VO2 max without having to run for long distances!!

Come and GRIND with us!

Pricing: Save when you buy more!

Those looking to attend Team Training more frequently will benefit from a lower price per class.

Regular price $110. Discount price $93.50

4 Classes per Month

Recurring payment every 4 weeks

Regular price $189. Discount price $160.65

8 Classes per Month

Recurring payment every 4 weeks

Regular price $235. Discount Price $199


Month to month commitment

Class Pass Options are for those NOT looking for a monthly contract and may train less frequently.
The price per session is slightly higher.


20 Class Pack $600

Regular price $330. Discount price $280.50

10 Class Pack $330

Must be used within 5 months


Drop in fee $36

$49 for 2 weeks

New Client Special $49
2 Weeks Unlimited classes

New clients only


If you wish to cancel a TEAM Training contract please complete the form below. We require 15 days notice prior to end of contract.


You can pause a TEAM Training contract for 30 days with no charge. Please read and complete form below.