Personal Training Specialist Certification

If you are looking to become certified as a personal trainer this course is for you.  The course is a 25 hour in class preparation course that will teach the basics of personal training.  There are both theory and practical components to the course that will build a solid foundation. 

Canadian Fitness Professionals

We cover topics such as:

Nutrition, Bioenergetics, Muscular Concepts, Skeletal Anatomy and Flexibility, Cardiorespiratory Concepts, Injury Recognition, Pre-exercise Screening, Fitness Assessment,  Program Design, Personal Training Programs, Psychology of Personal Training, Business of Personal Training

About the teacher (Dan Jackson) 

I have been training clients for over 17 years, I have been managing and running fitness departments for over 11 years, I have been teaching and certifying personal trainers for over 9 years.  When I teach this course I teach it from practical experience.  I teach it a way that you can walk out of the course and apply what you have learnt, at the same time I open your mind up to explore this industry and what you can do with it and learn from it. 

About the course

This course is designed to lay the groundwork to become a great personal trainer.  Please keep in mind that this is a 25hr course so don't expect to walk out knowing everything you need to know. You will, however, gain a better understanding of what personal training is all about and how to train clients with basic needs. You can never learn enough in this industry so don't plan on stopping after this course. In fact, you should plan your next course as soon as you are finished with this one,  I will give you some direction, so don't worry about the next steps.  Everyone comes in with a different backgrounds and different experiences so it is hard for me to say where you will be at the end of the course but all should be able to assess, program and train a basic/beginner client.

Why get your PT certification with me?

  1. I have been training clients for over 17 years
  2. I have trained everyday people, powerlifters, fitness competitors, national level and amateur athletes and I have trained ages from 11 to 87.
  3. I have been teaching and certifying personal trainers for over 9 years
  4. I have helped numerous trainers kick start their career
  5. I try and keep in contact with potential trainers that go through my courses to help guide and mentor them when they need my help
  6. I always increase my own education and bring that knowledge to my clients and other trainers around me
  7. My course delivery always changes as I modify it to make it better every time
  8. I make sure we have a lot of hands on practical exercises during my course in order to help potential trainers feel more confident when they enter the training world
  9. I break down anatomy in an easy way to understand and apply it to exercises you most likely already know
  10. I love what I do and want you to experience that!

How to register

Sign up through the Canadian Fitness Professional's Website. Use the filters to narrow down your search to course in Ontario.  Scroll down the list until you see Dan Jackson and select the register button on the top right corner of my course listing.  

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If you are not interested in signing up today, dont worry!  

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