What is TriggerPoint Therapy?

Reconditioning and Sustaining regular smooth movement using the best curative self-care products and training

TriggerPoint Performance is a patented brand that improves life by focusing on energizing people with the radical organization in Myofascial Compression techniques as well as branded goods that conserve, control increase the physical movement of human life-forms. The goal of TriggerPoint Performance is to discover inventive ways to which people can be inspired to attain the best degree of change using providing medicinal self-care products and teachings. Our aim is to deliver the greatest user-friendly mode of goods, training, and treatment available for anyone who needs a change in lifestyle, enhanced performance or typical good health. We would like people to manage their curative care. Discover more. Have better movement.

Workshops and Courses

Self-myofascial release (SMR) has been shown to relieve muscle and joint pains and improve flexibility and range of motion. This 4 hour workshop teaches the fundamentals of myofascia, reviews the latest SMR research and then dives into the Trigger Point Performance SMR movement philosophy using the GRID foam roller. Participants walk away with practical knowledge and hands-on experience coaching and cueing movements that can be scaled to all-levels of general health and athletic clients for pre- and post-workout foam rolling.

  • CECs: ACE – .4 CECs, ACSM – .4 (accepts ACE CECs), NASM – .4 CEUs, AFAA – 3.4 CEUs, CanFitPro (FIS, PTS) – 2 CECs, PTA Global – 4 CECs, NCBTMB – 3.5 CEHs, USAT – 2 CEUs, PMA – 4 CECs, NSCA – must request prior to course

TriggerPoint Level 2 Myofascial Compression

Take your knowledge beyond foam rolling! This Level 2 course utilizes the Trigger Point Performance line of products designed to increase mobility and improve performance with an overall improvement on one’s biomechanics. This 8-hour training is hands-on, focusing on the practical application of Trigger Point Performance education backed by scientific research. You will leave this course with an in-depth knowledge of how to use and how to teach MCT in order to increase the performance and training results that your clients get in your sessions.

  • CECs: ACE – .8 CECs, ACSM – .8 (accepts ACE CECs), NASM – .7 CEUs, AFAA – 6.1 CEUs, CanFitPro (FIS, PTS) – 4 CECs, PTA Global – 8 CECs, NCBTMB – 7 CEHs, USAT – 3 CEUs, PMA – 8 CECs, NSCA – must request prior to course

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