Team fitness training classes

What Makes Our classes different than the rest?

Our team training classes are small and focused on you!

The next Best thing to Personal Training but for less than 60% of the COst!!

Small class size (5 per class) gives every client the desired attention and instruction needed to succeed and advance in their training, we promise you won't be lost within the crowd. Our trainers will provide that detail necessary to help you achieve your goals! 

Focused training means that every class will have a training purpose, whether it be conditioning, muscle building or simply to release tension. Each class is designed for a specific result.  It is hard to build muscle if you don't lift weights and it can be difficult to relax in a noisy and loud environment. You decide the goal, you choose the class and let us create the environment!

Programming for each class is unique and will change monthly.

You decide your goal, you pick the class and let us create the Environment!


Our Unique Classes


all Classes - 45 mins

Circuit Training (all levels)

Bootcamp style class - station based workout that puts you through higher and lower intensity exercises for a full body blast. Work to rest ratios are constantly changing to keep your body stimulated.

Posturability (all levels/Foundations)

This team training is targeted to everyone who is looking to achieve optimal posture and reverse the daily sitting habits perpetuated from desk jobs. The class will work through 15 minutes of specific upper and lower cross syndrome releases, followed by specific isometric and moving exercises to create a more balanced body. Form and Focus are key here allowing your mind and body to connect!

TRX (all levels)

An entire class comprised of the TRX for optimal core control and stability. Full body workout that will leave you feeling the intensity of the TRX.

Strong & Conditioned (experience required)

Mixed class comprised of both free weights and cardio/ conditioning exercises. Strength training and cardio to get the best of both worlds.

HIIT & Row

* coming soon


Beach Body - Split body workouts
(experience required)

Who doesn’t love going to the beach? This class focuses on volume, volume and more volume to target individual parts of the body (refer to schedule to see what the workout has in store for you). You will be sure to feel the burn during and after each workout.

Pricing: Save when you buy more!

Those looking to attend Team Training more frequently will benefit from a lower price per class.


Intro 3 class pass $69

2 month expiry


Unlimited $235 per month

Month to month commitment


Class Pass Options are for those NOT looking for a monthly contract and may train less frequently.
The price per session is slightly higher.


Drop in fee $36



10 Class Pack $330 ($33/session)

Expires in 5 months


20 Class Pack $600 ($30/session)

Expires in 8 months