Sleep better, Feel better, Look better!

BioPrint is a fat loss approach that identifies why and where you store fat; by identifying these areas it enables us to provide individualized solutions. We will address diet, lifestyle and supplementation to help you achieve a better body composition!

 This approach is based on over 35 years of empirical evidence and research by internationally renowned strength coach, Charles Poliquin and works off the principles of functional medicine.

This innovative approach helps improve how your body looks and how you feel. The assessment process determines where you store fat and provides insight as to which hormone is the the largest contributor to fat storage. From here, we determine whether your environment or genetics play a the greatest role. Results vary and are highly dependent on compliance to the program.


  • BioPrint Consultation - 14 point body fat caliper testing and individualised action plan (45 - 60 day plan)
  • 2 in person follow ups (to be done at Day 14 and Day 45 of the process)
  • Ongoing email support

*Supplements are additional charges and only used to aid sleep, digestion and well being

** It is highly recommended to follow the process for 12 weeks for optimal body composition change. For maintainance there is a certain level of lifestyle changes that need to be maintained

*** Additional follow ups (after the 45 days) $50 per visit

BioPrint Package - $199

BioPrint Follow up - $50